perjantai 12. huhtikuuta 2013

Lenin-setä asuu Venäjällä

Helou helou, vai mites täällä sanotaan, privet privet, that's how it goes.

Yesterday we arrived here. We have the first exciting moment when we passed the customs on Russian side of the border. Jesse was almost busted. When he got trough the customs and shouted in the bus "I PASSED", one of the leaders came and told that the officers wanted to have a talk with Jesse. It scared the shit out of him. So he went there inside and asked what was the problem, believing it was something with the camera forgotten on the bus seat. There was youth worker Seppo Körkkö who was informed by Sonja that Jesse speaks Russian (poka nemnoga). There was an officer who didn't speak english and needed somebody to translate his messages to the driver who had to be informed of a document which needed to be given back in sunday when we cross the border again. Luckily we made it with assistance of a helpful Russian.

After six hours trip we arrived Murmansk and checked in at the hotel called Moryak. The Russian sense of humor semms to be a bit different from ours, hehheh... And Jesse was in trouble again.
THÖ food we ate was a little bit interesting, we didn't even know what we were eating, was it fish, cat, cow, chicken or vodka. Then we left for market to buy some breakfast because our hotel is not serving THÖ food in the morning. Whole trip we were followed by an angry(bird) looking security guard who didn't let us to fotograph, and maybe we looked like gangsters (because we are youngsters, YO) (and beacause one of our bands, Kolmannen Asteen Kuulustelu boys look like scary-as-hell) Here is thö band's new logo, made by us:

Today we (thö gimmat) learned our first Russian word - kruto, which means awesome. Now we are going to THÖ mean......

Kruta kruta.

From Russia with love:
Sone, Iina & Jesse (who is trying to figure out a cryptic sms from her mom)

Ps. We did THÖ lightpainting today, as you can see it from the picture before HEHHEH

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